About Us

Howdy! My name is Rebeccah, and I am the founder of Enchanted Horseshoe Boutique. For years I have dreamed of a creating a boutique filled with beautiful clothing and whimsical accessories, an unapologetic declaration of all things traditionally feminine. Once I realized I could blend that dream with my love of horses, it's like everything everything fell into place and Enchanted Horseshoe Boutique took on a life of its own. 

My goal is to offer gorgeous and unique items that do not shy away from embracing all things pink and ponies. After all, women are strong and powerful no matter if we're in denim or lace, so let's encourage one another to be true to ourselves both in and out of the barn.

Enchanted Horseshoe Boutique is truly a wish come true. If you love horses, I personally welcome you to the Enchanted Horseshoe community, where I hope we can build one another up with strength and encouragement. Thank you for supporting my small business, and I will always to strive to offer gorgeous and unique items for horse enthusiasts of all walks of life.